Deep Change the Book

This book explores the Seven Shifts of Deep Change, taking us beyond merely redesigning our lives to changing the way we experience our self and our world. We find ourselves letting go and accepting change as we connect with deeper currents that originate from within and from beyond ourselves. This book is about embracing our true heritage of compassion, connection, freedom, and belonging.

“Susan Plummer’s book is a profound work of discovery. It is scholarly yet lyrical. It combines existential passion with epistemological depth in order to elucidate new stages in the structure of the human ‘journey’; here is where her originality and insight shine through. This book will be a huge consolation and encouragement to our search for light.”

  —John O’Donohue, Anam Cara
“The first chapter described exactly what I had been going through! I had felt so lost and now I know that I am not alone and there is a known way to move through it.”

—28-year old
Entertainment Industry Professional


What would happen if we recognized experiences such as emptiness, meaninglessness, and anxiety not only as challenges or possible symptoms of depression, but also as signs of change, deep changes within ourselves, signs that are calling us into a new future — a future of deeper meaning and connection? 

In Dr. Susan P. Plummer’s groundbreaking book Deep Change, the author guides you through the mystery of Deep Change and how it is calling you to greater freedom, compassion, connection, and belonging. You will learn about the seven experiential shifts of Deep Change, and discover how the rhythms of these shifts take you beyond altering the structure of your life to transforming the way you feel about yourself and your world.


  • Find a larger context for understanding how experiences such as emptiness and meaninglessness are often the first signs of being called into deeper connection, belonging, and freedom
  • Recognize when life patterns are being outgrown, and discover new ways of being with yourself
  • Align with a map for faith and navigational guidance as you venture into the promising territory of the unknown
  • Gain footholds as you learn concrete ways to support yourself through the exhilarating and often bewildering passage from the known to the unknown
  • Discover alternatives to pharmaceuticals and allow yourself to be drawn toward a new future
  • Acquire a language that allows you to name and describe your experiences and thereby recognize them and communicate them to others.
  • Deepen personal relationships by developing communication skills that promote personal connections, safety, and intimacy
  • Gain a sense of companionship and find comfort in reading about others who have undergone deep change so you can share collectively in the journey
  • Identify your individual experience as part of a cultural phenomenon in which we all are being called to a new and deeper relationship with unseen yet vitally creative dimensions of life—a call that is longing for us to co-create with these dimensions in order to birth new futures
  • Apply this new understanding to organizational development and community transformation


  • Individuals seeking growth, or confronting emptiness and longing for something more
  • Spiritual seekers and others interested in collective deep change
  • Leaders and business managers looking for a framework from which to understand and facilitate organizational and cultural change.
  • Life change professionals, therapists, psychologists, and other health and wellness practitioners
  • Grief and bereavement counselors, social workers, and clergy
  • University counselors and others working with youth in transition
  •  Professionals and others looking for an alternative way of viewing the condition labeled “depression” and of treating it as a sign of something new on the horizon


 “After reading Deep Change, I immediately purchased another copy and lent it to a client who was dealing with issues of emptiness and meaninglessness, even though his life was ‘working well’ by most of our cultural standards. From start to finish, this book delivers.”

Philip Brooks, E.D., Associate Professor at California Institute of Integral Studies.

 “ This remarkable look at profound transformation shines a new light on the deeper sources of personal breakthroughs. A must-read for anyone committed to a path of personal and spiritual development.”

—Hal Zina Bennett, Ph.D.
Author of Author of Lens of Perception


“This is a model of real transformation. The applications are abundant and stunning.”

—Transpersonal therapist and author

“So good to have a map and a language for these strange yet vital human experiences. This book was a lifesaver for me when I felt my life was literally going down the drain.”


“Dr. Plummer has an extraordinary ability to communicate the Seven Shifts of Deep Change with clarity of vision and warmth of heart that is thought provoking, encouraging, and comforting.”