Workshops & Retreats

In addition to being a thought leader and acknowledged expert on Deep Change, Dr. Susan P. Plummer is known for her insight and compassion as she guides individuals and organizations through an often-confusing array of symptoms or shifts that initially may be seen as signs of depression or a life crisis, but often are actually gateways to the transformation.

In demand for her workshops based on the experiential shifts of Deep Change, Dr. Susan P. Plummer helps participants encompass the metaphor of alchemy, practices of embodied awareness, radical hospitality, silence as presence, and the transformational impact of living more closely with our mortality.

“Deep Change is a very accessible guide toward places and moments when we are startled into finding that we are alien to ourselves and that the resulting emptiness is a call forward….I now point myself and others into the direction of the insights pioneered in this book.”

—Robert Bosnak, author of Embodied Imagination

Dr. Susan P. Plummer asks us: “What would happen if we recognized such experiences as emptiness, meaninglessness, anxiety, and “midlife crisis” not only as challenges but also as signs of deep personal and collective change that are calling us into a new future—one of deeper meaning and connection?” Instead of asking ourselves “Am I depressed?” we could instead allow ourselves to be in an inquiry with change itself.

Today, although many people are being beckoned into Deep Change, most do not recognize its potential or understand its meaning; nor are they prepared to cooperate with its powerful forces. In Dr. Susan P. Plummer’s workshops you will discover the mystery of Deep Change and how it is calling you into greater freedom, compassion, and belonging.

You will learn how to distinguish symptoms of depression from urges that are actually the first shifts of Deep Change. While identifying this within the context of the seven experiential shifts of transformation you begin connecting with deeper currents that originate from within, realizing your more essential self while enhancing your sense of belonging to a greater community.

For organizations and communities as well as individuals in the midst of Deep Change, Dr. Susan P. Plummer’s work offers an understanding of these shifts and their interrelatedness, providing a framework for comprehending the nature of Deep Change and how best to respond to its beckoning forces.

2.5 – 5 Day Workshop Intensives

  • The Alchemy of Deep Change
  • Befriending the Unknown
  • Silence As Presence
  • Living and Dying Well
  • Inner Haiku: Presence to What Is
  • Practices of Embodied Awareness and Radical Hospitality

Workshops can be designed to meet specific audience needs.


“I was moved by your compassion for your fellow humans and their individual journeys. You described seven ‘shifts’ that we experience as we move from a known state to an unknown state and shared numerous life stories of what transformational change can feel like. While for some, Deep Change comes with uncertainty, insecurity, feelings of isolation, emptiness, worthlessness, grief, and despair that can cause them to choose therapy or treatment for relief rather than experience these feelings, instead, you taught us that these ‘shifts’ are like trail markers, signs that we are on the right path. Consequently, we are inspired to cooperate with the process and gain greater insight into self and world. You managed to do this without clinical detachment and to let us know that we are all in this together.”

H. W., participant in engineer/architect retreat