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Many of us are being called into Deep Change, a call that is felt in the midst of our everyday lives. We long for the numinous, for a greater connection with life, to feel more alive and more meaningfully engaged. At the same time increasingly, we experience increased fear while living with uncertainty more and more in these changing times. An engaging presenter, Susan P. Plummer, Ph.D., illuminates the process of Deep Change as a collective and individual calling of our time. More

Deep Change

Link-to-deep-change2 Sometimes appearing in the form of an existential crisis, the initial shifts of Deep Change can be difficult to distinguish from loneliness or symptoms of depression. Here Dr. Susan P. Plummer’s more than 20 years of groundbreaking research has been distilled into an indispensable roadmap for navigating the experience of Deep Change and realizing one’s most essential self. More

About the Book


This book explores the Seven Shifts of Deep Change, taking us beyond merely redesigning of our lives to changing the way we experience our self and our world. We begin letting go and accepting change as we connect with deeper currents that originate from within and beyond ourselves. This book is about embracing our true heritage of compassion, connection, freedom, and belonging. More



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