Speaking & Workshops

Dr. Susan P. Plummer offers expertise and guidance to individuals, professionals, and organizations poised to harness the leading forces of transformation through the Seven Shifts of Deep Change.

 “Susan Plummer is a highly skilled and deeply sensitive psychotherapist who understands the dynamics of our inner lives as well as anyone I know; she is a trustworthy guide through the most tangled of spiritual thickets.”

—Parker Palmer, author of A Hidden Wholeness

“Dr. Plummer’s model for personal change may be one of the most important contributions toward growth-centered counseling since Abraham Maslow’s work on peak experience. The practical applications she describes make it easy to apply her principles, both for individuals guiding their own personal change and for professionals guiding others through theirs, I believe that this work will be a source of great personal breakthroughs for anyone committed to a path of personal and spiritual development.”

—Hal Zina Bennett, Ph.D., author of Lens of Perception

With our entire culture in the midst of a deep collective transition, Dr. Susan P. Plummer is an essential voice of guidance and wisdom. Her approach illuminates a path of accepting change and opening to uncertainty. As our resistance to the unknown becomes more manageable, we discover that signs we thought of as depression symptoms and hopelessness are actually the beginning of metamorphosis into a new way of being we are now called to express.

The process outlined in Deep Change is as relevant for organizations and institutions in the midst of redefinition as it is for individuals in the middle of an existential crisis or other precipitant of change. Based on Dr. Susan P. Plummer’s many years of research, observation, and personal experience, the seven shifts of transformation are chronicled in a way that is reassuring and clarifying.

Dr. Susan P. Plummer is also an advocate for an alternative to the widespread and indiscriminate prescription of medications for symptoms of depression and anxiety, which she cogently describes as future-busters — serving to abort the emergence of new futures and new ways of thinking. Instead, she encourages us to “befriend the unknown” and, in doing so, find our way through the mystery of Deep Change into greater freedom, compassion, connection, and belonging.

 “You intricately wove together innovative academic research, personal stories, poetry, and diagrams to create a pattern for change that captures the imagination and engages the soul. I found the invitation to embark on the journey of deep change and experience personal freedom, compassion, connection, and belonging absolutely compelling.”

C. S., spiritual directions coach and hospital attendant

Dr. Plummer is a highly requested expert who presents at numerous schools and venues in social welfare, psychology, counseling, and spiritual direction including Hollyhock Retreat Center in Canada, Parker Palmer’s Center for Courage and Renewal, the International Conference for Social Science Research, the National Conference of Methodist Ministers in Hospice, JFK University, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, Antioch University, and UCB School of Social Welfare.